Woodhouse pick of the papers, Sunday 26th February

A quick roundup of news stories from the Sunday papers relevant to the Politics course.

1. George Osborne: no more IMF money for Eurozone – The Guardian
Chancellor says Britain is not willing to commit extra funds for bailout until eurozone countries do so themselves

2. Academy schools attain fewer good GCSEs, study shows – The Observer
Local authority schools with a similar  pupil intake performed better, according to new analysis of government figures

3. Nick Clegg is targeting Tory voters for higher property taxes – but why are David Cameron and George Osborne pandering to him? – The Sunday Telegraph
The Liberal Democrat leader’s language has steadily become more anti-wealth and its often economically illiterate

4. Liam Fox urges David Cameron to stand up to the Liberal Democrats – The Sunday Telegraph
Former defence secretary Liam Fox today challenged David Cameron to take on his Liberal Democrat coalition partners and push through reforms making it easier for employers to hire and fire staff

5. Lansley, Blair and the normalization myth – New Statesman
Will the health reforms play out as the ex-PM describes? Unlikely.

6. Nine out of Ten members of Royal College of Physicians oppose NHS bill – The Observer
Survey finds overwhelming rejection of Lansley’s reforms ahead of society’s extraordinary general meeting

7. Tories order police to halt workfare demos as MP makes formal protest to BBC over bias in favour of hard-Left militants – Mail on Sunday
A police crackdown on anti-capitalist extremists who invade shops to sabotage the  Government’s work experience programme has been ordered by Ministers

8. John Rentoul: There’s more to come from Gove – The Independent
The Education Secretary’s qualities include courtsey, confidence and clarity. His only weakness is his peculiarity

9. The dark side of the Sun on Sunday – The Independent

10. Labour’s leadership is failing, warns Charles Clarke – The Sunday Telegraph
The Labour Party is being failed by its leadership, Charles Clarke, the former home secretary, says in an interview with the Telegraph

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