Woodhouse pick of the papers, Sunday 19 February

A quick roundup of news stories from the Sunday papers relevant to the Politics course.

1. The Osborne budget will do just enough to save Nick Clegg’s face  – The Guardian
The Lib Dem leader’s call for help for low earners will probably be heeded, but Tories won’t conceded a wealth tax.

2. Secrecy laws ‘don’t harm the work of ministers’ says information commissioner – The Guardian
The arguments of ‘distinguished insiders’ calling for a repeal of freedom of information laws are ‘nonsense’, says Christopher Graham.

3. Balls heightens the pressure on Osborne to cut taxes – New Statesman
Labour’s new line: any tax cuts are better than no cuts

4. David Cameron ‘shutting out’ NHS reform critics, says Ed Miliband – The Independent
Cameron is facing pressure to allow healthcare professionals to take part in tomorrows summit on NHS reforms

5. David Cameron should beware of making concessions to Alex Salmond  – The Telegraph
The Prime Minister must not give more powers to the Scottish Assembly

6. Ed Balls: George Osborne must cut tax to boost growth – The Telegraph
George Osborne was today urged by Labour to implement ‘significant tax cuts’ in next months budget

7. Greece is being destroyed by ‘respectable’ fanatics – The Guardian
The EU, which boasts that solidarity is its founding principle , is forcing Greece into destitution and chaos

8. The jell PM may wobble yet – The Independent
Cameron has been working hard to look connected, but he needs to shape up if he is to keep looking plausible

9. Mr C calls in the A Team: And their mission? To plot (over soup and baguettes) life without the Lib Dems – The Mail on Sunday
There is concern that the Lib Dems might walk out of the coalition as early as the start of 2014, says James Forsyth

10. The Lib Dem poll woes continue – New Statesman
Why weak poll ratings will strengthen Clegg’s hand ahead of the Budget.

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