Woodhouse’ Weekly Pick of the Papers: 1st-8th September 2014

Pick of the Papers

Examples to use for A-level Government and Politics exams. Click the links for articles and for more information.

General Election 2015: Housing and childcare  to be Lib Dems’ manifesto keystones.

Source: The Independent

A2 Topic: Welfare

AS Topic: Elections

Summary: Nick Clegg has launched 300 new policies in the pre-draft of his manifesto before the Glasgow conference which takes place in october. and it has emerged that Housing and childcare are the main priorities that the Lib Dems will prioritise if there is another hung parliament. Promising to build 300,000 homes a year and £2.8bn a year in expansion it is a key part of the Lib Dems’ dream to ” to help all families with childcare support and nursery education right the way through from the end of parental leave to the start of school.” The Tories to them “are more bothered about helping only some couples through a married couples’ tax break.”


Scottish Independence: George Osborne offers Scotland fresh powers, but says no to sharing the pound.

Source: The Independent

AS Topic: Constitution/Parliament

A2 Topic: Welfare state

Summary: As the Yes Campaign is gaining more support towards the referendum date of 18th of September, Westminster has panicked, offering more powers to Scotland, including more tax powers, welfare powers and control over the welfare state. However, Osborne is still adamant over the Scots not allowing to enter a currency union with the rest of the UK if it leaves the union.


Celebrity photos leak: Lib Dems pledge a digital bill of rights to protect privacy in its election manifesto.

Source: The Independent

AS Topic: Democracy

A2 Topic: Crime and Order

Summary: The Lib Dems have promised to crack down on intimate photos being posted online without the consent of the person in response to hackers who posted intimate photos of female celebrities. They have also called for a ‘digital bill of rights’ in which the individual has their privacy protected as well as giving them more control over their personal data. Julian Huppart, the Lib Dem home affairs spokesman has stated “Protecting people’s privacy is an essential part of building the society we want to live in, and when people violate that, there have to be proportionate powers available to hold those responsible to account.”


George Osborne denies UK defence spending will fall below 2% of GDP

Source: The Guardian

AS Topic: PM and Cabinet

A2 Topic: Economy

Summary: As austerity measures continue to be implemented in the UK economy, Osborne has refused to comment on the thinktank Royal United Services Institute (Rusi) which has claimed that defence spending will fall to 1.8%, instead stating that “I think we need to continue to meet the 2% commitment,” adding that as chancellor he will always put Britain’s security needs first. This is in response to the growing threat of Isis in which two American journalists have been executed and a third British person is under threat.


Rail fare rises will be capped, says George Osborne

George Osborne has outlined proposals to strip non UK residents of their personal tax allowances

Source: The Telegraph

A2 Topic: Economy

Summary: Osborne has announced that rail fares can only rise in terms of RPI (retail price inflation) which went up by 2.5 points this summer. Talking to the Sun, the Chancellor stated that “Support for hardworking taxpayers is at the heart of our long term economic plan” and has said that train firms will lose the flexibility to raise fares, thus giving more certainty to railway travellers.


By Kevin Augustine