Woodhouse pick of the papers, Sunday 8th April

1. The snooping Bill is out to catch crooks, not ensnare terrorists – Telegraph
The hysterical debate over national security and civil liberties has lost sight of some reasonable goals to deter terrorism and criminal activities, says Fraser Nelson.

2. This is no way to protect our freedom – Independent
Ministers need to get a grip fast, otherwise national security, liberty and confidence will all be undermined, warns Yvette Cooper.

3. April is the cruellest month. Unless you’ve got an income of more than £150,000 – Guardian
This assault on lower income families’ finances along with tax breaks for the wealthy shows where the coalition’s priorities lie, argues Rachel Reeves.

4. Cracks are beginning to open along the Downing Street fault lineGuardian
They vowed that it would never happen, but the prime minister and chancellor are increasingly at odds says Andrew Rawnsley

5. Teachers’ union leader attacks Michael Gove Guardian
Chris Keates at NASUWT union AGM cites Tory education policy’s ‘unparalleled vicious attack’ on teachers and schools

6. May to end immigration ‘abuse’ of family rights Guardian
New rules to stop foreign criminals avoiding being sent home will come into force in July

7. Liberal Democrats threaten to ‘kill’ online surveillance plansTelegraph
Liberal Democrat President Tim Farron today vowed the party would ‘kill’ proposals for increased monitoring of emails and internet use if they were not watered down

8. Lib Dems in disarray as fewer candidates contest electionsIndependent
Collapse in activist base over NHS reforms and civil liberties sparks fears for the 2015 contest

9. ‘Hypocrite’ PM to host clean energy summitIndependent 
David Cameron’s attack on solar power subsidy will destroy the industry, say critics, as London prepares for international conference

10. Now schools have finally admitted how bad discipline has become it is time to get a grip – Daily Mail (very funny)
The removal of a high proportion of the pupils who want to learn into selective schools would be a blessed relief to their families, says Steve Doughty.

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