Woodhouse pick of the papers, Sunday 12 February

A quick roundup of news stories from the Sunday papers relevant to the Politics course.

1: Empire of the Sun The New Statesman

If the Murdoch tabloid dies, I reserve the right not to mourn.

2. Anger over marriage tax breaks– The Independent
George Osborne has infuriated Tory MPs by reportedly ruling out tax breaks for married couples in the Budget.

3. Andy Burnham: It’s a genie out of the bottle moment –  Independent
The shadow Health Secretary is furious at the coalition’s plans for NHS reform, but reckons this is the one issue that could trigger David Cameron’s downfall. Matt Chorley meets Andy Burnham

4.  Lansley should be replaced after health bill becomes law, says Hughes –  Guardian

Lib Dem deputy leader says health secretary should ‘move on’ to enable government to put NHS controversy behind it

5.  David Cameron backs beleaguered Andrew Lansley in NHS row –  Telegraph

David Cameron will today go into battle to support his beleaguered Health Secretary by insisting Andrew Lansley’s “leadership” is vital to push through much-needed reforms.

6. Eric Pickles: Conservatives are now more radical than Margaret Thatcher in full flight  –  Telegraph

A terracotta bust of the 19th century Tory prime minister Benjamin Disraeli glowers over the burly shoulders of Eric Pickles as he sits at his desk, labouring away at reforming Britain’s planning system and dragging town halls into the 21st century.

7. The abuse of the Human Rights Act – Telegraph

It has allowed judges to downplay parliamentary legislation.

8. Human rights abuses could be covered up under new justice bill proposals – Guardian

Lawyers criticise changes that could cloak sensitive information about state complicity in torture and threaten open trials

9. Head quits over Gove’s academy ambitions – Independent

Governors defiant over ‘hit list’ as popular headteacher stands aside

10. RBS bankers arrested in tax fraud investigation – Guardian

HMRC says five current and former employees of Edinburgh-based bank were detained in investigation into personal financial affairs

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