Weekly Parliament Roundup: 3rd March-9th March 2014

Weekly Parliament Roundup – 3rd March-9th March

Liberal Democrats definitely Pro EU

In his recent speech at the party’s spring conference, Nick Clegg reinforced the fact that the Liberal Democrats are the UK’s most pro-EU party. In the speech, he says that they are ‘’Britain’s only party of in’’ and that ‘’Britain stands tallest in the world when it stands tall in Brussels, Paris and Berlin’’. It might be suggested that this is a little audacious of Nick Clegg but in some way, he is finding an advantage in this as this might help him to broaden his voter range in preparation for next year’s General Elections. Clegg used his speech to claim responsibility for the economic recovery and defend the benefits of immigration and this might be seen as a way of him bashing the Tories. The Conservatives are trying to claim for themselves the elements of Liberal Democrat policies but the Lib Dems want the public to be well aware of which policies and ideas were theirs. Click here for more information from the GUARDIAN

Is Nick Clegg a good leader?

Nick Clegg claims that he wants to be the leader for the Lib Dems for the next six years but the main question arising is: is he a good leader for the Lib Dems? We can be sure that he handles certain situations in ‘okay-ish’ way but we are still not sure whether Clegg has the right attributes to take on a nation. This week’s PMQs illustrated his inability to tackle questions about decision made within the party head on. However, maybe if the party gets into another coalition we might then be able to see Clegg grow as a leader.

Tory influence over budget

The Lib Dems want to raise the starting point of tax to £10,000 and beyond but George Osborne wants to make sure that the public know that this was the idea of the Conservatives. Again, it is evident that the Conservatives want to take credit for every successful and important decision and this is shown again through the fact that certain Tory Backbenchers want a Conservative only measure in the budget which would be an increase in the 40% threshold to help middle class voters. Osborne might raise the tax threshold beyond to what is expected to £10,000 whereas the Lib Dems want it raised to £10,500. There will be quad meeting to settle the differences regarding budgeting

Labour short on Money

There has been a recent behind the scenes Labour debate about how they will deliver better public services without spending extra money. The party have been putting forward new proposals on what they intend to do if they get back into government in 2015 but the main question is how will they deliver all the things it talks about with less money? Either the party needs to re-strategize their plan or they should think about devolving powers downwards and finding solutions locally. This might be the only effective way for them to deliver their plans.

Gloria Ganda

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