Weekly Parliament Roundup: 1st September – 5th September 2014

Weekly Parliament Roundup: 1St September – 5th September


No return home for British Jihadists?

Following the recent Syrian Crisis, David Cameron’s unveiling of anti-terror laws on Monday failed to include specific proposals regarding the prospect of British born citizens coming back to the UK after being involved in acts of terrorism in Syria. Cameron emphasised on the fact that we need a ‘targeted, discretionary power to allow us to exclude Brit Nationals from the UK’ but he failed to state how we would go about in doing this. At the moment, this action would not be following the conducts of Law and order since removing the passports from returning British Citizens would not only be a breach of International Law but it will also be a breach of UK common Law. Despite this, the prospect of banning returning Brit Jihadists might be put into action soon as there have been possible proposals to provide the police with temporary powers to seize their passports. Even with this option, there are still difficulties with the legalities of of doing so, especially for those with dual nationalities as it might make it harder for them to exercise their citizenship rights. Hopefully, more will be told soon about the actions that are being taken in regards to this matter.

Promise of free school meals for all primary school pupils

The Liberal Democrats have pledged that all primary school pupils will receive free school meals if the party has a role to play in the next government. This pledge follows the recent decision to provide free meals for five –to seven-year olds, which has received some criticism for being so restrictive with the age group. As a result, Liberal Democrat schools minister David Laws told The Independent that the party ‘never planned to keep it to just five-to seven –year-olds’ and are willing to extend it to all pupils if the next general action results in a coalition or majority for the party. At the moment there are no specific details on the timing of this programme but according to Laws, the pledge would be delivered by September 2019.  If the Lib Dems do get a positive outcome in the next General Election and this proposal is completed, it might prove to be a huge advantage for parents as it will enable them to save more, thus possibly improving the standard of living.

More Job Growth in UK than rest of EU

According to David Cameron, The UK has seen more net employment growth over 4 years than the rest of the EU put together. Even though Cameron, who was said to be unsure of the source when addressing it at a private meeting, this statement is most likely to be accurate due to the fact that official illustrate how the UK has seen 1.6 million extra people find jobs, coming second to Germany who have seen 1.7 million people find jobs. Britain’s figure is significantly more effective compared to the rest of the EU as a single block who have lost 770,000 people from the workforce. Despite these figures implying that Britain is doing well in terms of providing work for more people in the last four years, we have to question the nature/types of jobs which are being created. Most of these ‘new jobs’ are in the form of zero-hour contracts which bring about low productivity.

By Gloria Ganda