Weekly Parliament Roundup: 13th-19th September 2014

Cameron promises more devolution after no vote in Scottish independence referendum

After  Scotland’s  referendum results on Thursday which confirmed that the Scottish people wanted to stay in the United Kingdom with a no vote of 55%, David Cameron has  promised a ‘devolution revolution’ across Great Britain, including votes on English issues by English MPs at Westminster, as he hailed Scotland’s decision to remain inside the UK. In the speech that he made after the referendum results, Cameron made clear that the constitutional reforms, including in Scotland, would not be delivered until after the general election, and that Scottish measures would proceed in tandem with changes in England. He insisted that, “We have heard the voice of Scotland and now the millions of voices of England must be heard,”  Now that Scotland will be getting more powers, many cities such as London are able to look forward to the prospect of being able to make more independent decision.

NHS is Labour’s priority for next General Election

Ed Balls has recently expressed the idea that Labour will seek to fight the next election on the twin issues of stagnant living standards and safeguarding the NHS. Balls also said that voters would only back labour’s promise of change if it seen to be credible and costed. In an effort to show his determination to be tough on public spending he ruled out free universal child care in the next parliament, as well as free bus passes for 16- to 18-year-olds.Furthermore, he said that he would not be imposing extra taxes to pay for the health service, but promised to do “whatever it takes to save the NHS”. Click here for information on the Labour party conference: 

Beheading of British captive will only strengthen resolve, says Cameron

David Cameron has insisted that the beheading of a British captive by ISA would only strengthen the resolve of the UK against Jihadists. He has not yet clarified whether Britain will join air strikes by the US designed to halt the advance of ISIS and support Iraqi and Kurdish ground forces. Furthermore, Cameron made clear that Britain wanted to form part of a broad international coalition against the Islamic extremists working through the UN. Nick Clegg also mentioned that the government will not rest until the killers faced justice.

Victims to confront offenders in court in new law

The right of victims to confront their offenders in court is to be enshrined in law. This could possibly allow to the victims to have their say and to have a peace of mind in regards to telling their offenders how they feel and to question their actions and motives. This new law will also ban publicly funded lawyers from taking on sex offence cases unless they’ve had training. Furthermore, the suggestion in this law that a witness will be able to give evidence without going into the courtroom will benefit witnesses and allow them to tell their account without feeling intimidated or nervous in any way. However, according to Sadiq Khan, the Shadow Justice Secretary, the government are consistently letting down victims and this new law is probably one of the last minute plans of a dying government in the last few months.

By Gloria Ganda