Weekly Parliament Roundup: 11th -17th January

Osborne ‘to back Boris over Theresa May’

It has been speculated that George Osborne’s hopes of becoming the next Tory leader have apparently been dashed. Osborne was thought to be running hard for the leadership, undergoing a regrooming exercise and slimming down dramatically, ready to take over when David Cameron stands down – either in May because the Tories lose the election, or in 2017 because he loses interest once the EU referendum is out of the way. But Sam Coates of The Times reports today that Tory MPs have made it clear they do not see Osborne as a contender:” he is viewed as too distant and cliquey, preferring to surround himself with members of his inner circle rather than engage with the wider party. “As a result says Coates, Osborne is to make a spectacular U-turn and back Boris Johnson in a bid to stop Theresa May who is unpopular with Cameron’s inner circle, Osborne included.

Miliband on the hunt down for student voters

Ed Miliband launched a drive on Friday to get around a million people, mostly students who are registered in time to for in the general election on the 7th of May. Voter registration has been on the decline especially since individual registration was introduced last June to replace the old system whereby the head of the household was responsible for registering everyone living at that address. Despite the fact that Nick Clegg is the minister responsible for getting local authorities to maximize registration, Miliband says Nick hasn’t done enough and that’s why he’s launching a voters’ registration drive in Nick’s constituency which is full of students, Sheffield Hallam. The missing million are important to Labour because, when it comes to students, the party enjoys a two-to-one advantage over the Conservatives according to a YouGov poll last year. Many defected from the Lib Dems because of Clegg’s notorious U-turn over tuition fees.

Green Party membership now higher than UKIP’s

As a result of the disputes between Parties regarding Cameron’s refusal to join in on the TV debate prior to the election, Green Party Membership has risen dramatically and as of Wednesday night, it has overtaken that of UKIP. The membership figures have been audited by Adam Ramsay of Our Kingdom, who reported that membership had more than doubled since September and that “at the current rate of growth, the Greens will overtake UKIP within a week, and be ahead of the Lib Dems before polling day”. Around 2,000 people joined the Greens in the course of one day, taking the party’s total membership to 43,829 – nearly 2,000 ahead of Ukip’s membership which, by its own latest estimation, stands at 41,943.
Gloria Ganda

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