Videos: New Pressure Groups

I have been working on updating my Pressure Group Keynote slides. It seems A level textbooks tend to concentrate largely on dated or traditional pressure groups, yet there are a number of very interesting new organisations that require understanding. I shall get an article up on this soon, but these new groups tend to use new forms of communication to their advantage and are often less centralised than traditional groups. Using these pressure groups in essays would give you an edge over ‘textbook students’ and demonstrates you have attempted to understand the field better.

Here are a few quick examples, more to come later.

UK Uncut – clip from Newsnight(Part 1)

Part 2

Wikileaks (although no longer in operation, a very important recent pressure group)

Occupy London (an important direct action modern pressure group with worldwide connections)

Hacked off – a group calling for more press regulation

Cage UK – a Muslim pressure group campaigning against arbitrary arrest and draconian anti-terror laws. An interesting group, seen to be more assertive than the rather more stale Muslim Council of Britain, which has lost a lot of support in the Muslim community for trying to be too close to the previous Labour government.

And then you have the English Defence League (EDL), a far-right group that campaigns against what it sees to be Muslim extremism, some argue it is a racist group that uses popular Muslim prejudice to hide its more sinister message.

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