Video Lords Reform – debate for and against

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats could fall out over the plans to reform the House of Lords testing the strength of the coalition.

Giles Dilnot spoke to former Liberal Democrat Leader Sir Menzies Campbell who said reform was in his party’s DNA – plus Paul Goodman from ConservativeHome website and Conservative MP Penny Mordaunt who said the plans were “very problematic”.

(note scroll down for video 2)


A Liberal Democrat peer warned Conservatives that coalition plans to redraw seats in the House of Commons could be in trouble if they failed to back reforms of the House of Lords.

Lord Oakeshott handed Tory MP Philip Davies a copy of the coalition agreement to remind him of the deal which included changes in both houses.

Mr Davies said he was not elected on a coalition agreement and was not interested in turning the Lords into a “poor man’s House of Commons” and accused the peer of a “petulant threat”.


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