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Weekly Parliament Roundup: 13th-19th September 2014

Cameron promises more devolution after no vote in Scottish independence referendum After  Scotland’s  referendum results on Thursday which confirmed that the Scottish people wanted to stay in the United Kingdom with a no vote of 55%, David Cameron has  promised a ‘devolution revolution’ across Great Britain, including votes on English issues by English MPs at Westminster, as he hailed Scotland’s decision to remain inside the UK. In the speech that he made after the referendum results, Cameron made clear that the constitutional reforms, including in Scotland, would not be delivered until after the general election, and that Scottish measures would proceed in tandem with changes in England. He insisted that, “We have heard the voice of Scotland and now the millions of voices of England must be heard,”  Now that Scotland will be getting more powers, many cities such as London are able to look forward to the prospect of being able to make more independent decision. NHS is Labour’s priority for next General Election Ed Balls has recently expressed the idea that Labour will …

Would an A&E visiting fee be a ‘clear departure from the traditional NHS vision’

1/3 of GPs BACK £10 CHARGE OF A&E A poll carried out by Press Association for with more than 800 family doctors found that 32% were in favour of the charge seeing it as the most cost effective way of cutting down on the people who could have gone to their GP or a pharmacist. One doctor argued: ‘If patients had to pay a £5 charge to attend A&E – that could be refunded for appropriate attendances – they would be more inclined to take their coughs to the pharmacist where they belong.’ Recent overcrowd and increased demand  of A&E have prompted some doctors to back the charge of either 10 or 5 pound to significantly reduce the number of  unnecessary visits where people are in no need of urgent medical attention. If the condition of a patient is shown to need attention then their money would be refunded to them. Around 30% to 40% of all visits to A&E could have been seen elsewhere because illnesses were minor or not urgent believed by A&E specialists.   …

The Health and Social Care Act 2012

One of the coalition’s flagship policies is their widespread reform of the National Health Service as legislated through their Health and Social Care Act which passed earlier this year. While the previous Labour government did achieve some improvements on the NHS, giving it more resources, dramatically cutting waiting lists, and improving quality of care in many areas. However they still left much to be improved upon with high inefficiency as well as lagging behind Europe in several areas. The Coalition’s reforms were set to improve this by reforming the system entirely, however while they do have some advantages overall they will not improve the delivery of healthcare for all in a significant way.

Audio: Health Bill Woes

A YouGov poll published on Monday for Progressive Polling and the Unite union has found that the majority of people are on the side of those opposing government’s Health Bill. President of YouGov, Peter Kellner, Policy Exchange director Neil O’Brien and LSE researcher Dr Zack Cooper, debate if the Health Bill is still alive and well. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Saving money or saving the NHS?

David Cameron was accused of “playing a dangerous game of divide and rule” by only inviting royal medical colleges and health practitioners that he believes will back his NHS reorganisation to a special summit at Downing Street on Monday. Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary has claimed doctors groups have had the door “shut in their faces”.