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Mr P’s Editorial – 8/4/12 Something in the water

An unlikely class warrior found himself in deep waters yesterday after the annual Oxford and Cambridge boat race was disrupted. Privately educated Trenton Oldfield swam into the path of the rowers causing the race to a halt as he was detained. He had previously vowed to use guerrilla tactics to disrupt “the transnational-corpo-aristocratic ruling class”. The boat race, according to Oldfield, was an annual gathering of the “privileged” privately educated few.

Mr P’s editorial – On a Sunny Sunday 26/2/12

It’s been a funny old week. Popular demand has led me to give my take on the past weeks news. So firstly there’s a new publication in town, promising to be a “tremendous force for good” and a magnet for respectable, upright journalism, yes has been launched. With over 1,300 views to date it has been rumoured Rupert Murdoch held a meeting last week and hurriedly put together his alternative.