I offer an online tuition service for students studying the Edexcel British and global route. My aim is to enable students to write good quality essays and responses to shorter questions. My method of tuition is to help foster a deep understanding of the skills and content that is required to consistently produce high quality written answers. There are some students who are struggling academically that need as much extra help as they can get, there are many ways in which this can be done, some may take up the offer of going online to collegepaperworld.com to see how they can help them with getting their work completed. It really is all about how the student wants to get their work done.

Before a lesson I will set a question and then mark the essay in advance so the time can be spent productively reviewing strengths and weaknesses. After each lesson we shall review your progress, also sent to you in writing so you know your current level.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below. Unfortunately, I cannot offer tutoring on USA topics. There is a fee for the tutoring sessions. This is a limited offer and not available to students that I teach, past or present.

Some recent reviews from former tutees:

J is a brilliant tutor! He assisted me with my Global Politics Unit by setting essays and giving me detailed feedback on how to improve. He also provided excellent resources that developed my understanding of complicated topics and political theories. Thanks to his help I achieved an A* in my Global Politics paper, and an A overall. I am really impressed by his commitment to ensuring that his students attain the best grades possible, and he is undoubtedly one of the best teachers I’ve come across.


J was incredibly helpful and always gave a speedy response to any questions or essays I sent him. Additionally, the extra resources he provided were particularly useful in the lead up to exams, especially since politics requires so much current awareness which can be difficult to keep on top of. The A* I gained with his assistance helped me meet my offer to study law at Oxford, and the study skills we discussed have remained useful into the start of my degree.


While studying Politics Alevel J’s marking was invaluable to me achieving an A* overall with a break down of 92, 100, 100 and 97 UMS in each respective unit. He made it simple to understand exactly the mind of the examiner and how to perfectly structure each paragraph to pick up marks; better than my school teachers by far. He also helped me expand my bank of examples which is a vital part of studying this course. He has allowed me to meet the entry requirements to secure an interview at Cambridge University to study Law and his essay advice I’m certain will help me in the following years to come.


J is an excellent tutor, he taught in a style which suited me, unlike other tutors i’ve come across who were far less adaptable. His familiarity with the specification made everything really clear, and helped me understand exactly how to get the marks which in the end resulted in me getting an A*, and 100% in one of the papers in which I wrote an essay using a plan that J had helped me make during revision. I highly recommend J as a tutor and is by far the best i’ve come across.