Headlines from this week
-Cameron enacted collective responsibility on proposed EU referendum meaning all ministers would be required to campaign to stay in the EU during the referendum – problem people – Iain Duncan Smith and Owen Paterson
-Cameron’s speech has provoked Austrian’s far right to call for an EU referendum
-Brussles has demanded that Britain pay a fine of nearly 300,000 euros a day for failing to liberalise its energy sector. The Commission sought permission from ECJ to impose fines on UK, Bulgaria and Estonia
-Spain jobless rate exceeds one in four as plans are laid out for more austerity, as the Spaniards have been asked to make 30bn euros worth of savings
-Tobin tax (a financial transaction tax) is introduced in 11 eurozone countries
-MEPs in the agriculture committee voten to weaken environmental proposals made by the Commission while agreeing to reduce subsidies to big farms – all proposals will be finally voted on in March: for the first time, the EP has legislative powers over policies that will govern agriculture
UK Policy
-Cameron uses G8 presidency to clamp down on ‘cowboy’ multinational firms’
-Olivier Blanchard IMF chief economist suggested a change in fiscal course, supporting calls for a plan B
-Clegg admitted the coalition made a mistake when it cut capital spending soon after it’s formation in 2010 – called for a plan for job creation
-UK economy contracted 0.3%
Law and Order
-ONS says fall in crime may be exaggerated as officers are urged not to record low-level offences. Latest figures show crime is down 7% in a year but 400,000 crimes over the past 5yrs have not been reported and instead filed as anti-social behavior but the general crime trend is still downwards
Welfare; Health, Education and Welfare
-Fewer than one in six state school pupils qualify for the English Baccalaureate
-195 schools on government ‘hit list’ for poor GCSE results where less than 40% of students obtained 5 A*-C grades – this includes around 60 academies which leaves Gove with a dilemma as LEAs cannot intervene
-Gove’s A Level changes – to make AS level a separated qualification and give uni’s a bigger say in course content
-Coalition are expected to pledge £1.5bn to childcare through a voucher scheme for families with young children, this equates roughly £1,000 a year and is meant to also encourage mothers back to work
-Head of NHS Commissioning Board Sir David Nicholson in an interview with the Independent said that the treatement of elderly patients was a ‘national scandal’ coinciding with the Stafford Hospital seeings between 400-1,200 more patient deaths than expected – His role is one introduced by Lansley and in April this independent Board will take over reponsibility for NHS planning and delivery
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