LSE Talks

LSE talks are a great way to go that little bit further with your A Levels, these are the ones that are relevant to Politics/History but there are plenty more related to Law, Economics and Sociology. It’s a good thing to be able to talk about on UCAS and will hopefully be something you find interesting so check it out!

A European policy outlook: the crisis and beyond – Monday 17th September – 4-5:30pm
French Minister of the Economy and Finance, playing a key role in European politics, good for A2 Politics. Ticket is needed, can be booked online from 10pm on Monday 10th September.

Twenty Year of Inflation Targeting – Tuesday 9th October – 6:30-8pm
Professor Sir Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England explores the financial crisis, monetary policy and whether we need a new approach, good for A2 Politics. Ticket is needed, can be booked online from 10pm on Tuesday 2nd October.

Reinventing Europe: one crisis, many futures – Wednesday 10th October – 6:30-8pm
Taking a bit of a different angle, looking at how Europe can redefine itself and its role in the wider international system considering fundamental changes in the balance of power. No ticket is needed. Prominent speakers.

A Life in Politics: Nigel Lawson – Wednesday 17th October – 6:30-8pm
The chancellor of the Exchequer from 1983-1989 in Thatchers government discusses his career and life in front line British politics. No ticket is needed.

The Cuban Missile Crisis: regional perspectives 50 years on – Thursday 18th October – 6:30-8pm
The panel will re-evaluate the impact of the crisis on relations both within the Americas and between the superpowers, good for A2 History. No ticket needed.

Strengthening Competitiveness and Growth in Europe – Tuesday 30th October – 1-2pm
German vice chancellor and federal minister of economics and technology discusses the European monetary union. Ticket is needed, can be booked online from 10pm on Tuesday 23rd October.

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