Elections Pick of the Papers

1. Labour (and Ed Miliband) are no longer doomed – Independent
The Labour Party is in real contention as an alternative to the coalition at the next election

2. Bruised and battered, Clegg will struggle to sell Coalition relaunch – Independent
A look at how the election and recent events in the Coalition shape the future of the two parties

3. This is the moment to revive the Conservative and Liberal Democrats Coalition, not to break it apart – Telegraph
An argument that the Coalition still remain the best option but an improved version is required

4. Local governance: mayor culpa – Guardian
Cameron’s promise of maverick mayors all round might have been expected to resonate, but his cry for a ‘Boris for every town’ fell flat

5. The real reasons Boris won and Ken lost – New Statesman
Both sides have drawn the wrong lessons from the result

6. How a once great party has become utterly pointless – Daily Mail
When trying to translate local opportunism into a national strategy, the Lib Dems came unstuck, writes Simon Heffer.

7. Penguin Candidate Beats Liberal Democrats In Edinburgh – Huffington Post
Need I write a sentence explanation?

8. Cameron can only win with true Tory values – Daily Mail
Voters want the PM to stop pandering so much to the Liberal Democrats, argues a Daily Mail leader.

9. Cameron faces Tory backlash after poll drubbing – Telegraph
PM faces calls for major shift in Coalition policy after disastrous performance in local elections

10. How do you get people to vote? Force them to when they’re young – Guardian
A look at the disaster that is turnout, ‘give them a ‘none of the above’ option but get them use to turning out – a generation is failing to pick up the voting habit

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