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“The Greenest Government Ever” – Coalition environmental policy

The coalitions pledge to ‘a low carbon economy’ was declared in their 2010 manifesto. The actions regarding this promise have unfortunately been few and far between. A promising start brought a refusal of the BAA’s new runway at Heathrow airport and further banning of any new runways at Gatwick or Sansted being built until 2020. […]


Sunday Politics video: Andrew Lansley interview on NHS reforms in England

Andrew Lansley today was challenged on whether health changes in England would see improvements in care, reduced waiting times and no further major NHS reforms. The health secretary said the controversy getting the Health and Social Care Bill through Parliament had not damaged his career, and he claimed the NHS was better funded than under Labour.  

Police lamp outside a police station with police tape

Privatisation of Police Services

West Midlands and Surrey police authorities have invited private security companies to bid for a wide range of services, including criminal investigations, patrolling neighbourhoods and detaining suspects. While it is being done through the prism of government cuts, outsourcing “signals a shift that would allow the private sector to provide staff that can carry out […]

Justice secretary Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke and secret justice

The Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke recently laid down plans to extend the system of secret courts (which were initially introduced by Labour under the Terrorism Act 2000.) Clarke has proposed the introduction of “closed material procedures” within the judiciary system whereby secret evidence is withheld from the claimant and press, in other words a ‘closed […]


Universal Credit

The introduction of a universal credit system lies at the heart of the substantial overhaul and reform of the benefits system by the Coalition. The Coalition’s initial White Paper 21st Century Welfare focused on ‘structural reform’ of the system and broadly speaking, the objective of Iain Duncan Smith’s aim is one that was once shared […]


A plan for growth?

At cabinet this week, David Cameron forced his colleagues to confront failures in the government’s economic growth strategy. It is often argued that elections are won and lost on the basis of the economy, and with a somewhat gloomy outlook ahead and a tumultuous past lingering, the government knows that the economy is its main […]

George Osborne

Is a CBI suggested tax cut the right way for Osborne to bolster Britain’s economic stagnation?

With George Osborne’s 2012 Budget around the corner, and Britain on the brink of a double dip recession, amidst the Eurozone crisis, lobbying group the CBI has called upon the chancellor to use his 21st of March budget to drive growth by unlocking the potential of corporate balance sheets and helping businesses invest.


The Coalition and ‘Slave Labour’

The government’s work experience programmes have come under criticism, with some companies raising concerns over the removal of benefits from those who fail to take part. The scheme was introduced to get job seekers back to work. Employment Minister Chris Grayling gives his analysis of the state of the programmes (interview below from Radio 4 […]