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Welcome to the A Level Politics Website

This site was developed in 2012 after a dedicated group of my Woodhouse College politics students thought it was important to have a resource dedicated to a level study.  This site is not to replace text books (and there are many good ones available from all good bookstores written by affiliates of exam boards) but rather to address a major problem, namely accessing current examples. Studying politics is about linking the theory to news. Yet the greatest challenge often is being able to use the news appropriately. Our articles are written to link news to your syllabus so you can write example rich essays.

This site was designed by and written principally for students who study the Edexcel Government and Politics Route A. At unit 1, ‘People and Politics’ and unit 2 ‘Governing the UK’. At unit 3, ‘UK Political Issues’ and unit 4 ‘EU Political Issues’. However even if you don’t follow Edexcel or our route, we are sure you will find this site useful.

We are always looking for writers, if you are interested please send me an email.

We hope you enjoy studying Politics and it will be great to receive comments on our articles!

Mr Patel

Woodhouse College, London

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